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Grand Master Michael Timmermann
Grand Master Michael Timmermann
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Grand Master Michael Timmermann
Kajukenbo / Wun Hop Kuen Do Grand Master
Instructor: SGM Al Dacascos


Michael Timmermann is born on February 12th,1954 in Hamburg, Germany. After a sportive school career ending in 1970, he started an apprenticeship as a telecommunications engineer. He successfully graduated in 1973. In November of the same year he started studying the martial arts (Karate at the “Budo Club Nippon" in Hamburg). The first meeting with GM Al Dacascos took place in 1975 in the “Deutschlandhalle“, Berlin. That two-day Budo major event, organized by Herbert George Kranz and F. Brueckner (later to become President of WAKO-Germany), is considered the beginning of Kung Fu in Germany. When GM Al soon afterwards began to teach Kung Fu at the "Nippon", Sifu Michael became one of Germany‘s first students of Wun Hop Kuen Do. He quitted his karate career without regret . In the following years his training intensifies greatly. A trip to the USA in 1978 represents a further step in Sifu Michael’s development in the martial arts. Since that year he also takes classes in Escrima (stick fighting) with Sifu Bill Owens from Oakland, California. On July 15, 1979, after a six-hour examination (the "most arduous of his life") Michael Timmermann gains the 1st Degree Black Belt in WHKD as one of the first students in Europe. In 1980 a second journey to the United States takes place. The contact with the Beijing “Wu Shu“ team and the most famous martial arts teachers of these days in the United States deepen Sifu Michael’s experiences and insights. Names to mention here are: Brendan Lai, Y.C. Wong, Leonard Endrizzi, Eric Lee, Roger Tung, Kuo Lien Ying, Bucksam Kong, Wong Jack Man, Bill Wallace, Jeff Smith, Howard Jackson and Alex Kwok. The two years from 1981 to 1983 are marked by the intense study of an interior style. At the turn of 1982/83 finally Sifu Michael’s dream of an own Kung Fu Academy in Luebeck becomes reality. On January 19, 1985, the examination for the 2nd Degree Black Belt WHKD takes place: Michael Timmermann is appointed “Sifu“ (teacher / father). A first, highly successful trip to Hong Kong, the cradle of Kung Fu, follows in December 1986. Sifu Michael joins the "Hong Kong International Martial Arts Association" and has prime time presentation on television (Asia TV / HK). Sifu Michael studies “Wu Shu“ Kung Fu in Canton and Hainan with Wu Mei Ling and her brother Wu Runjin. The travels in the matter of martial arts continue: In June 1990 Sifu Michael returns to America accompanied by several of his students. This is followed up by a trip to Bangkok, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan in December of the same year. Summer 1991 Sifu Michael attends the annual Kajukenbo meeting in the United States for the first time. On 28 May 1992 Sifu Michael is promoted 3rd Degree Black Belt. A trip to the USA for the annual Kajukenbo meeting 1992 takes place in summer. In 1994 Sifu Michael journeys to Thailand again. At that time Sifu is still an active fighter and also partakes in forms and weapons performances. In the meanwhile more than three decades of his martial art career he has gained far more than 300 trophies and awards. In the following years Sifu Michael receives further black belt degrees: On May, 6th,1995 he is promoted 4th Degree Black Belt in Wun Hop Kuen Do, on June 16th 2001, GM Al Dacascos in public bestows upon him the 5th Degree Black Belt at the 21st "Dacascos Open Championships" in Hamburg, Germany. On May 30th 2007, Sifu Michael receives the 6th Degree Black Belt from GM Al Dacascos at the “Kung Fu Academy Dehnhaide” (Hamburg, Germany) . On the occasion of the WHKD banquet on May 30, 2010 at Hotel “Hafen“, Hamburg, Sifu Michael receives the 7th Degree Black Belt WHKD from GM Al Dacascos. At the same evening also his black belt brothers of the first WHKD generation, Sigung Joern, Sifu Christian and Sifu Dasos get promoted. In summer of 2011 the 8th Degree Black Belt and the associated title of "professor" is bestowed upon Sigung Michael by the entire American board of the Kajukenbo “Grand Masters". April 2013: His “Kung Fu Academy Luebeck“ celebrates its 30th anniversary, coinciding with the 45th birthday of Wun Hop Kuen Do in the United States. Until 2012 Sifu Michael records 31 black belts of the 2nd and 3rd generation in his family tree. Six schools and nine groups were set up by him and his black belts. The achievements of his students reflect in these results: On his students Sifu Michael rivets his attention, because without them there would be no teacher.