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Grand Master Emil Bautista Kajukenbo Grand Master Emil Bautista was born in 1938 in
Alameda, California. He began studying Kajukenbo in 1961 in Fairfield, CA under Aleju Reyes and continued under AhGung Tony Ramos also in Fairfield. He received his black belt in Kajukenbo in June of 1963 and later went directly under Sijo Emperado, the founder of the Kajukenbo system, for his training. He started his own school in 1968 in Vallejo, CA and today, almost 40 years later, it is still located at the same Benicia Rd. address. No other martial art school, in fact no other business in Vallejo can make that claim. He has taught thousands of students over the years and has promoted only 40 of them to black belt status due to his rigorous training and strict standards for black belts. In 1993 Bautista and his school were awarded the distinction of becoming the Northern California Headquarters of Kajukenbo
Self-Defense Institute, Inc. by Sijo Emperado {the website is}. In 1999 in Las Vegas, Nevada he received the title of Grand Master again from Sijo Emperado, one of only a handful of men to receive this honor. Inside Karate published an article on Grand Master Bautista in a 1998 issue and Inside Kung Fu Magazine featured him in their June 2004 issue. He has 2 sons who trained in Kajukenbo and are black belts today. Joseph who is an 8th degree Professor and Steven who is a 4th degree Sifu in Kajukenbo. Bautista is currently married to wife Betty and they live in American Canyon, California.