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Professor Terry Faircloth

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Other information:

Professor Terry Faircloth

Instructors: Began Training under Sifu Joseph Clarke
Ch'uan- Fa sifu Clarke   78-83
83-98 WunHopKuenDo  Sifu Al Dacascos privates street concepts only
85-95  Arnis/kali sensei Dave Bird..
.88-91 Aikido Sensei A Hydoshi Phinney Center
94 created all new forms /street Defense utilizing open concepts and theories unfixed in method.

94 ..In  front of Sijo Emperado/Ahgung Ramos/Sifu Al Dacascos/  and 15 other high ranking kjkb masters I was given sijos blessing to continue what I was doing with the art. i had created all new forms and all new street defenses...Faircloths Method of (combined arts) was Born... Open concept unfixed in method
95 May  Black Belt magazine voted my school as one of their Top ten schools  that they picked that year.
Been Featured in 6 different martial art magazines on Street Defense
unrehearsed/unfixed/natural movement
SGMaster Vargas  2012 promoted me to 8th ch'uan-fa

Currently I have 54 Blackbelts and 3 generations deep

"Be Kind to people"

Founder of FCM of Ch'uan- Fa / Wunhopkuendo
8th  kajukenbo ch'uan-fa
5th  wunhopkuendo
6th in Kali

2013 inducted into  Masters Hall of Fame