Sigung Julian Sims
Sigung Julian Sims
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Sigung Julian Sims Instructor’s Name: GM Alan Carter System: Kajukenbo Self-Defense – Midwest Sigung Julian‘s martial arts career began in 1986 when he was invited to a martial arts class by his oldest friend, Sifu Michael Stempf. A part of the Chuan-Fa Self-Defense Club, the classes were held at the home of Chief Instructor Scott Sohn. After Sims left for college, the class closed so he sought other training avenues. At this time, he met his first mentor, Sigung Charlie Clarke. Clarke ranked Sims into his class at Brown Belt, training him for an entire summer in preparation for Black Belt testing. On August 15, 1991, Sims was promoted to 1st ° Black Belt in Chuan-Fa Self-Defense and Hawaiian Kajukenbo. During the following year, Sims began training with Professor Gary Dill Dill is the founder of Self-Defense Systems Jeet Kune Do and Bushido Kempo. Sims trained diligently in JKD (and Bushido Kempo), testing for 2nd ° Black Sash in Jeet Kune Do in October of 1993. Because of this further training, Sigung Clarke promoted Sims to 2nd ° Black Belt in Chuan-Fa Self-Defense and Hawaiian Kajukenbo. The following year, Sims tested for 3rd ° Black Sash in JKD, receiving his Advanced Instructor certificate. 1998 was a turning point in Sigung Julian’s career. Grandmaster Alan Carter called a Family Reunion of all his down-line students at Blue Bird Park in Chesterfield, MO; there, Sims found the second of his mentors and teachers. While at the Reunion, Sims and Stempf were promoted to 4th ° Black Belt in Hawaiian Kajukenbo and Chuan-Fa Self-Defense. In 1999, Carter, Stempf, and Sims traveled to Las Vegas for the 1999 K.S.D.I. Kajukenbo Family Reunion. At this time, Stempf and Sims had the opportunity to discuss martial arts philosophy and history with GM Carter directly, learning of his plans and desires for Hawaiian Kajukenbo-Midwest. Sims moved to China in 2000, beginning the fourth phase of his learning. While studying Mandarin at Northwest Minorities University, Sims began studying northern style Chinese Wushu with Liu Ke Laoshi, specifically Chang Quan, Pi Gua Quan, and Tai Ji Quan. In 2005, Liu Ke authorized Sims’ promotion to 3rd ° Instructor under the Chinese Wushu Association. Sims gained a deeper understanding of Kajukenbo’s soft arts and acquired a deeper comprehension of the Chinese history and culture which have influenced Kajukenbo. Beginning in 2003, Sims began the process of incorporating material from the latter three phases into his existing Kajukenbo foundation, calling his expression Chinese Kajukenbo Self-Defense System. In May 2007, Sims began teaching Chinese Kajukenbo at First Baptist Church, Social Circle, Georgia, where he continues to teach. GM Carter honored Sims by promoting him to 7th ° Red / Black Belt at the O’hana Martial Arts Black Belt Test, August 2011, in St. Louis, Missouri. Bio: 7th ° Red & Black Belt, Kajukenbo Self-Defense – Midwest 7th ° Black Belt, Chuan-Fa Self-Defense 3rd ° Instructor – Golden Eagle; Chang Quan, Yang Tai Ji Quan, Pi Gua Quan 4th ° Red & White Belt / Advanced Instructor – S.D.S. Bushido Kempo 3rd ° Black Sash / Advanced Instructor, S.D.S. Jeet Kune Do Assistant Instructor – Filipino Kali/Arnis Protecto Method Instructor, Verbal Certification by Instructor Scott Sohn Professional Societies and Organizations: Kajukenbo Self Defense Institute (K.S.D.I.) – Black Belt Society #837 Hawaiian Kajukenbo Association (H.K.A.) – Midwest International Kajukenbo Association (I.K.A.) #433-157 International Self Defense Association of Hawaii Kajukenbo O’hana Association (K.O.A.) – Sifu Society #171-2007 Ordonez Kajukenbo O’hana – Lifetime Member #0139